Thursday, February 2, 2012

You Must be Djok-ing

Djokovic eventually claims the title
On Sunday the global sporting world was mesmerised by the most enticing match in tennis history, as Novak Djokovic triumphed over Rafael Nadal in the Australian Open final, following a five-set humdinger.

World number one Djokovic solidified his position at the peak of men’s tennis, prevailing over his Spanish counterpart (5-7 6-4 6-2 6-7 5-7 7-5) in an engrossing contest, lasting a record five hours and fifty-three minutes.

Certain sections of the media were questioning the Serbian’s ability to live up to expectations this season after unprecedented success last year.

If anyone still had lingering doubts about Djokovic’s raw talent, his super-human achievement of victorious, back-to-back five-set matches totalling ten hours and forty-three minutes, extinguished such unfounded scepticism in style.

Three Grand Slams remain this season and if any of them come close to this dazzling spectacle, especially with the ‘fab four’ around, tennis fans worldwide have serious reason to be more than a little excited for what is to come.

Both players were magnificent
Some believe Djokovic will go on to win the French Open and that this victory will give him the confidence to beat Nadal on clay.

Former world number one Pat Cash suggested a stunned Nadal must be thinking, “If I can’t beat this guy now, when am I going to beat him? After all that time this guy is exhausted and I can’t finish him off.”

Whilst it would be fair to claim Novak Djokovic as an addition to the all-time greats of the tennis world, one must acknowledge the professionalism of Rafael Nadal, who also showcased incredible skill, staggering physical fitness and a superb graciousness in defeat.

This was one of those rare, historical sporting occasions that managed, for a moment in time, (a five hour and fifty-three minute moment to be precise) to capture the interest, not just of tennis fans but all sports fans across the globe.

Djokovic may have clasped the trophy, but Nadal will take equal credit in the wake of a remarkable contest, where the only real winner was tennis.

Written by Dom Wallace

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